Off icielle

Table Simulation # 01 -    Aurélie Pétrel

From 21 to 25 Octobre 2015


Galerie Houg is pleased to annouced its participation to the 2015 edition of (Off)Icielle with specific project of the french artist, Aurélie Pétrel.


           For the art fair Officiel, Houg Gallery and Aurélie Petrel wish to present the device "Table simulation" created and activated for the first time for a series of exhibitions "Relief (s)", scheduled in the spring and summer 2015, on an invitation from the FRAC Centre, characterized by a collection based on architecture. 
The notion of photographic partition refers to a double meaning of the word «partition». The first refers to the musical composition and itsrating system which can rely on readings and interpretations ; the second, more specific, is the split, sharing, redistribution (territories for example). From this semantic ambivalence, the concept of photographic partition can be formed simultaneously notation (reserve) and redistribution (not more space but time). 
The «Prises de vue» (Shooting / Taking pictures) are for Aurélie Pétrel «zero degree» of the process of appearance of the images indexed dynamics on the partition idea. They are the embryonic phase of an operation (potential) development, a «taking» literal, both concrete sampling and call a becoming (called an appeal taken before a projection, a jump in at come over). A first time before the images, where, previously, the images can be taken (such as in ice, latent). This is what initially containing images power of appearance will be in the exhibition, redistributed, shared in and in a given context, and become secondary time, not just straight, but compound (marked) of double time for transformation. In other words score (Time 1) is played (Time 2) and his playing is marked by doubling its origin and its presentation. The partition function, can be played again replayed so and represent these (its) simultaneous temporalities.