Laurent Pernel

Vanishing Point

Exhibition 04September>28September2014

For the first time in Lyon Laurent Pernel will present a set of films with a new concept of monstration: 3 weeks of ptojection - 3 films 

Projection from 04 to 10 Sept.2014 / film presentation Thursday 04 September from 6.00pm
Projection from 11 to 17 Sept.2014 film presentation Thursday 11 September from 6.00pm
Projection from 19 to 28 Sept.2014 film presentation Friday 19 September  from 6.00pm


This exhibition is part of the project Les Itinérances Photo DocksArtFair   





Finnland is born of an encounter during an artistic residency at FIAC, in the Tarn, in 2011 where each guest artist was greeted by a family. The first morning at breakfast, a teenager appears timidly. This is Finn, abundant hair, angelic face. A feeling that happens between the artist and the child through brief exchanges between cereals, boiled eggs and tea. A proposal to make a film together and answered: "Yes, I think it's a good idea." It will be FINNLAND. A film whose plot unfolds around a young teenager. The silence of the countryside making perceptible proof of its isolation. Only notes of his guitar and the sputtering engine of his quad, testify to his presence. The farewell to childhood go through teenage rebellion, but also the abyss of loneliness.


10 years separate these two films, they deal with travel, architecture and landscape. Like the Impressionist painters were working on the pattern, here the camera is at the heart of the landscape that is transformed before our eyes. The surface of the glass or mirror becomes the sensitive area where a game online, and masking just redialed the initial framing. A vocabulary of form, color and materials are the basis of a set of gesture revealing the simplest things around us.


This movie delivers the measuring of real action at work: Give the viewer how to always see something other than what is depicted. The man mountaineering climbing; on his back, a dot of blinding light, a circular plane mirror. Then his body came to rest, revealing static shot the horizon and returned outfield of the mountain behind the camera where no body is held in the visible.

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