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MATHIAS SCHMIED : Critical mass of silence

From 22 January to 15 march 2015

Solo exhibition of the dual Franco-swiss nationality artist, Mathias Schmied  In his exhibition at the Art Museum of Pully, Batman and Spiderman disappear in favor of broken color spots, detach the pages, leaving behind their universe. Covered with paint, posters of pin-ups only reveal a few pieces of flesh and words, finely cut, are reduced to a few lines. A game of hide and saw that gives a narrative ambiguity to works. The absence and silence are the heart of the practice of the artist: it is up to the viewer to try to fill them.


If art of Mathias Schmied is entirely devoted to drawing, it falls in a very special technique that begins with a deconstruction and for which the artist has swapped his pencils for a scalpel. His collection of Comics and American magazines of the 1970s is both its main source of inspiration and the first material. Thus images and texts are the elements with which he composed. Working alternately on the figures of superheroes like Batman or Superman and onomatopoeia that accompany the story of their adventures, the artist captures the board to rob a surgery of his narrative dimension. Acting by subtracting material, it hollows out the bubbles of their text and characters of their flesh, only the outlines remain, suggesting the presence of a story that the viewer is free to imagine. Cut, torn or scarified, the image under the scalpel, frays, or turns proliferates like a spider web, deploys panache and never ceases to question.

Mathias Schmied: Critical Mass of Silence
From 22 January to 15 march 2015

Musée d'Art de Pully
Chemin Davel 2
CH - 1009 Pully

more informations : www.museedepully.ch