Hors les murs

On se tromperait de croire que les bois n’ont pas des yeux 

From 17 January to 04 April 2015 at LaHalle - Pont-en-Royans

This exhibition brings together three artists, Delphine Balley, Geraldine Kosiak and Aurélie Pétrel whose singular artistic practices are here echo around a common topic: hunting. 

Without partisan or controversial hint (but not candor), the exhibition traces rather reflective lines, questions the performances in the history of art, reveals a poetic encounter with the prey.

"On se tromperait de croire que les bois n'ont pas des yeux" : this is verse of Victor Hugo, extract from L'idylle de Floriane.



Looking for the Albino Deer

Aurélie Pétrel, on the trail of the albino deer, who has not been flushed out. But she immersed herself in the stories of hunters, reclaiming childhood memories, smells and perceptions related to this practice. So it is scaling it is, and approach: if the animal stays away in its natural environment, it is conversely closely as we see the coat in the exhibition. Thus, Aurélie Pétrel foiled the habits of our look and has photographed these skins on the ground, unrolled as they could be in a taxidermist. On the wall two facing images, one of which is a studio view for suggesting a physical connection to the exhibition space. As an extension of the real architecture in the picture, it opens onto another space to also white walls.

Augurs and vestiges

Delphine Balley developing for several years a photographic work in which characters, places and events are as fantastic double and offset of a reality that is flush with the surface.

The animal we are

Géraldine Kosiak explores the relationship between humans and animals. Found in his drawings the complexity of this relationship and especially its impermanence: the predator can become  too  a prey or even equal.


Initially presented in Brussels to the Delegation of the Rhône-Alpes region, this exhibition "On se tromperait de croire que les bois n'ont pas des yeuxfound a new form in the Royans, where it enters into dialogue with the territory.

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