Closing the exhibition

Saturday 28 February 2015 from 4.00

As closing of the exhibition Partition: Explosion#2, Aurélie Pétrel invites Anne Jarrigeon to the Galerie Houg.
Presentation of "Arriver à...Partir de" / Interférences, a sonore art works created by Anne Jarrigeon during the exhibition Partitions on the Art Center of Albert Chanot  in Clamart, 2014



Anne Jarrigeon: Anthropologist, photographer and videographer, master of conferences of Laboratoire Ville Mobilité Transport (University Paris Est).

Anne Jarrigeon in her work explores the possibilities of film and photography to urban research by testing over the meetings and experiments a poetic anthropology in aim to question the become of contemporary image.


Partition: Explosion#2

10 January to 28 February 2015


"Partition : Explosion #2 " gives thought on the highlighted of the shooting. The prints are mixed, the glass plates become physical media and also reflect the latencies dissemination; micro-perforated steel plates are both physical and photographic media, black and white have the frame images broadcast by the clipboard, color are the evocation of the film screen.
Aurélie Pétrel based media and entertainment, it disturbs the viewer in his vision of transparency games, translucency and opacity. Everything becomes a questioning of the diffusion of the image, and power over the event.