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Ivan Fayard, Aurélie Pétrel, Laurent Pernel & Susanne Themlitz

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Ivan Fayard 
group show "CHEZ ROBERT" 
FRAC Franche Comté, Besançon (France)
Exhibition untill May, 17th, 2015

Ivan Fayard has come at “chez-robert” for sure.... But he has not brought any objects along.He has worked on site, at Robert's .However, one cannot say he has worked in the place, but rather from the outside. Robert's exterior in not known. Ivan Fayard has ventured over there; one can still see the marks on the walls.
These marks are holes, or rather the back sides of holes that Ivan Fayard has been making one by one until they made up images. The images are reversible; they can be read from indoors as well as outdoors. The words are not; they give us clues about  what is  happening here.
These words ,like the  images, send back to the one and same practice , tatoo, which consists in inscribing permanently a sign onto a support, in this case onto a body. By nature, the body is a transient support. That is the paradox.
A lick of paint will not be enough to erase the intervention of Ivan Fayard. Yet, this wall turned into black is definitely a painter's decision, which proves us that he has come at “chez-robert”, for sure....

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Aurélie Pétrel (invited)
Group show at Turbulences - FRAC Centre , Orléans (France)
curators : Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou (in charge of the program in Turbulences - Frac Centre)  & Aurélien Vernant (in charge of artistic research in Turbulences - Frac Centre)

Exposition du 09 Avril au 20 Septembre 2015

In the exhibition "Reliefs - Architecture horizon", Aurélie Petrel working to build as much as process of seeing. From a re-operation of the previous stage design (exhibition "Cities Visionaries"), the artist sets up different strategies - reflections games, openings chair rails, laminated devices - which "activate and amplify the vision" and foreshadow possible visitor's journey, echoing his own artistic approach.

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Laurent Pernel
[K]RÂNES 42- Catacombe artistique
At Musée dauphinois, Grenoble (France)


Exhibition untill December 20th, 2015

Le projet [K]RÂNES 42- Catacombe artistique is in the museum will invite artists to confront the history and heritage or to speak on societal issues raised by its exhibitions. Forty-two artists have worked well from the same piece - a white plaster skull molding - the recurring theme of vanity. Beyond their diversity and their singularity, the sculptures respond to compose a masterpiece, "artistic catacomb". Each sculpture created for the exhibition, says a contemporary interpretation of the here and the afterlife.


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Susanne S.D. Themlitz
At MCO Arte Contemporânea, Porto (Portugal)  

Exhibition from April 18th to June 05th, 2015

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