Ivan Fayard


Exhibition from 17 Oct. to 28 Nov. 2015

Sathurday 17 October 2015 from 4.00 p.m.


Galerie Houg is pleased to announce the first exhibition of Ivan Fayard in the Parisian gallery art space.

           Ivan Fayard develops all his work on an endless investigation of all the terms which together or in turn what we call painting. "Souffles" contrast at any point in their mode of production, with targets set Flies to concentric circles, round and slowly made earlier paintings. "Souffles" are paintings where Ivan Fayard substituted with brushes to the use of his single breath as a physical projection of himself. Such an act he would fall introspection? self-portrait? For these "Souffles", a few seconds of expired air were required. Like a haiku whispered.

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