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Born and lives in UK.

Much of Jemima Burrill’s work attends to notions of positioning within what are often clearly defined public or private spaces. Domestic locations such as houses or small areas within them (a kitchen or bedroom), or the ostensibly “public” context of the supermarket act as foils against which tightly structured (or at least markedly focused) actions are carried out. These places are miniature theatres, stage-sets for activities which may at first sight appear mundane but soon turn out to be somewhat at odds with conventional behaviourial mores. In fact it is not so much that Burrill’s protagonists inevitably act in a curious or disquieting manner; rather, certain particular activities are performed in spaces in which they don’t readily fit.
Burrill’s videos, together with photographs and etchings raise questions about contemporary modes of domestic behaviour. At the same time they satirise and expand upon such behaviour, revealing the hidden yet compulsive undercurrents through which our daily lives are formed, experienced, and formed again.

Peter Suchin ; artiste et critique d’art. Il contribue régulièrement à Art Monthly, Frieze, Mute et à de nombreux autres magazines. 



2013 – Hunter Gatherer, Galerie Houg, Lyon France

2008 – En Place, Olivier Houg Galerie, Lyon, France

2007 – LOOP, Barcelona, Spain Olivier Houg Galerie

2006 – Moot, Nottingham – Week 4 – 6 Shows in 6 Weeks
- Julian Scott Memorial Gallery, Vermont, USA

2004 – Risk with Raul Ortega, Hiscox Art Projects, London



Fasten – 25 Stratford Gove – NewCastle
– The Totemic Festival – ‘Cuckoo’ – The Freud Museum
- Kneaded – The Floating Cinema for Extra-Ordinary with Susie Donkin
- Cuckoo – King’s Place with Sarah Sarhandi

2011 – Cakes and Swimming Costumes – performance at the Olympic site with Susie Donkin
- Objects of Desire – ‘cleaner’  performed at the Freud Museum

2010 – Breathe  – artist in residence at UCLH, talking to people with pulmonary diseases about their breathing experiences

2009 – Dumb – Politics Without Woman – a performance in Hyde Park

2008 – Memory Soup with The Clod Ensemble - soup making project with Canonbury elders
- Sweet Seduction – a chocolate performance, Barbican’s Seduced exhibition

2006 – SLOW, Plymouth Arts Centre, group exhibition and squash performance

2005 – Jam and Chutney Making for Lucy Orta’s Barbican Private View
- Chef on stage cooking smells for Matthew Herbert’s tour for album Plat du Jour,

2003 – Chelsea Nipples For the London Institute governors’ dinner made and served chocolates cast from Chelsea students nipples



2014 – Parental Body, Mothersuckers touring Wales Exhibition

2013 – Antichamber, Collyer Bristow Gallery
- Us and Them, video with Sarah Sarhandi and Wendell Park School, Beirut Art Center
- Cenithesia Feminist Film Festival

2012 – POP UP, A Selection of Contemporary Art at 26A Ladbroke Gardens
- Portobello Film Festival

2011 – A Vos Marques, www.saisonvideo.com

2010 – Soft and Hard – ‘Celebrating the Humorous in Contemporary Video Art by Women’
- Pacific Design Center, CA, USA
- Fine Art Research Show RCA, London
- Remote Viewing, Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona, Spain
- Best of Loop: Remote Viewing. ‘Taking the Pulse of the Next Generation of Video and Film Art’, Pacific Design Center, CA, USA

2009 – Space and Trouble, Saison Video, Valenciennes, France,
- Intimate Acts, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Austrailia
- 22nd Festival Les Instants Vidéo, Marseille/Martigues, France
- Ideal 11, Espace Croisé, Roubaix, France

2008 – Rendez Vous, Museum de L’Arte Contemporian, Lyon, France
- +13, Florence Llynch, NYC, USA
- Show Off, Paris, Espace Pierre Cardin with Olivier Houg Galerie
- CONTAINED, Hiscox Art Projects, curated group show

2007 – Randall Scott Gallery, Washington, USA and Bridge Art Fair UK

2006 – Maybe a Duck…Maybe a Rabbit, Wimbledon Art School, Ansel Krut and Walter Swennen

2005 – Imagine a World, Amnesty Exhibition, The Barge House, London
- +13, Domo Baal, London,
- Jerwood Space, Royal Overseas League



2008 – Next Art Fair, Chicago, special screening of top ten videos selected from Show Off Art Fair, Paris

2004 – Royal Overseas League scholar
- Domus Academy Residency, with Rirkrit Tiravanija, and Pierre Hughe, Venice, Italy

2003 – Becks’ Future Student Prize shortlisted

2002 – Vermont Studio Centre Residency