Where The Ends Meet

Galerie Houg - Lyon / 2013

The Korean art, with an original character , occupies a special place in the East Asian art scene . While ordinary arts of Asia reflect a mixture of the close ties they have with the tradition and essence of contemporary societies , Korea, the ideological conflict that divides since the 50s , draws in modern politics a major inspiration , true source of artistic creation. Especially a country where the ideological paradigm of the last century and the high-tech future coexist feudal idealism and global industry hallyu , running speed and territorial division , the memory of colonialism and the early modernization could be considered one of the crossroads where face an extreme way all basic human desires.

Added to this is a reflection of the pride of human civilization and the false consciousness of man , reflection made by the witnesses of this nuclear disaster and natural disaster that has disrupted land and sea Their thinking about materialistic civilization manages to summon the essential moral values , certainly tarnished in the modern world , but remain as shapes and icons. These artists are rediscovering the signs and symbols in contemporary moral life and rebuild in a new context . What is respect? What sublimity of nature that can cause up to selflessness ? What metaphysical illumination brings to our daily life and death? What are the elegance and justice? In their works , we can find these philosophical and anthropological thought, intrinsically linked to our reality.

Although this exploration of contemporary Korean art may seem like a metaphysical idealism , from the point of view plastic , however it retains its vitality and joviality , by his irony , his eccentric imagination and dynamic self-referential awareness of reality : re – make the mythical symbols from everyday materials , rediscover the wonder of nature through the cinema, or relearn the heroic posture in a theater rehearsal. If the conceptual dimension works develops a complex manner in a flexed multi-ply structure , plastic level, the “idea” metaphysical and concrete daily confront a ” funky ” and tangible way. While based on the ethical attitude that allows us to rediscover the noble moral values , they are forthright antiauthoritarian by allowing the audacity to speak in a daily grammar, a system of thought which articulates original body – sensation – media – daily synthetically .

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